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Tennessee Governor Proposes Free Education For High-school Graduates

bi0130Gov. Bill Haslam has proposed the Tennessee Promise, which would introduce a plan to fund education for high-school graduates for 2 years following their graduation. He recently announced the proposal during his State of the State address, suggesting it would offer free tuition at community colleges and technology centers. The goal is to increase the number of Tennesseans with degrees, while cutting the cost of higher-education.

The plan is set to be funded using the $110 million reserve funds from the Tennessee Education Lottery to provide free tuition to community colleges or state workforce training schools for high school graduates. Haslam also proposed that the legislature create an endowment to fund the scholarships. might change how they look at what they do after high school, but many of the seniors had not learned yet they would not be eligible.

“Through the Tennessee Promise, we are fighting the rising cost of higher education, and we are raising our expectations as a state,.. We are committed to making a clear statement to families that education beyond high school is a priority in the state of Tennessee.” Haslam said during his address.

“Tennessee Promise was a complete surprise to us. It was a very good surprise, but it was a surprise none of us expected,… We have an enrollment of more than 10,000 students at our five campuses. We don’t know how many students to anticipate as a result of this, but we do expect enrollment to increase dramatically.” said Dr. Ted Lewis, vice president of academic affairs at Pellissippi State.


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